…according to recent reports on well-being from the Italian National Council for Economy and Labour (C.N.E.L.) and the Italian Office for National Statistics (ISTAT), it has emerged that, in answer to the question related to the current level of life satisfaction, the number of people choosing between 8 and 10 has been in steady decline, dropping from 45.8% in 2011, to 35.2% in 2012, to 35% in 2013 and to 35,1% in 2014. The research was conducted with over 54,000 people. On scale of 0 – 10, how would you rate your current level of satisfaction with your life?


… according to a survey on a work-related stress from the Italian National Federation of Health and Hospitals realized in collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim (one of the most famous pharmaceutical company in the world), it has emerged that in Italy the work-related stress affects one in four workers/employers and about 60% of the 100 milion yearly days of illness?


…the latest neuroscience research has confirmed and shown that rather than having just one brain, we actually have 3 (the cephalic brain, the cardiac brain and the enteric brain)? These all communicate and interact with each other, sometimes even in conflicting ways, influencing our state, our actions and our decisions?


… mBRAINING* is a new multidisciplinary field of study, based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience. It brings together knowledge from cognitive science, behavioural and linguistic psychology and combines these with the deep insights from ancient wisdoms and philosphical visions. The aim is to show how we can use the core competencies of our multiple brains by using new integration techniques known as mBIT - Multiple Brain Integration Techniques.

*Research and Book: "mBRAINING - Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff" by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu.

Circle Leadership is the new discipline created by
Alessandro and his partner Ashok Narayanan. They are authors of "Circle Leadership - Rule Your World!" book. Discover more on!


  • Are you working in a problematic and/or conflictual and/or high competitive work place?
  • Are you working with paltry collegues, collaborators, customers and suppliers and/or with unreliable and/or intractable managers?
  • Are you working in a work place that has a negative effect on your health and well being?


Maybe you are not responsible for the situation that you are living, but now it is time to ACT learning how to manage conflicts, stress and negative emotions through the discovery of your deepest wisdom!

If you do not manage the work related stress, it can cause heavy negative effects on your physical and mental health and in your private life.

“Maybe you are not responsible for the situation you find yourself, but you will become it, if you don't do anything to change it”

- Martin Luther King

Would you like to enhance your capacities in managing conflicts, stress and negative emotions
in your work place?

  • improve relationships acting in a more effective way for realizing your professional goals?
  • enhance self trust in your capacity and personal resources?
  • understand how to act in your work place avoiding conflicts and stress with yourself?


  • understand how to rebuilt positive professional relationships through development of your intuition and self awareness?
  • get clarity about choiches and behaviours avoiding negative stress?
  • deeply understand your work place and find the emotional position most suitable for you?

"Quite often people give 98% in the things they do ... but sometimes it's just that 2% that really matters."

- Paul Pierce


COACHING is a journey of CREATIVE REFLEXION with YOU at the centre. It is FUTURE oriented, driven by the COACH with the aim of finding solutions, developing self-awareness of your current and future resources, about what you are able to do and what you will have to put in place to be able to reach your goals.

mBIT COACHING also enables you to work simultaneously with your multiple brains, learning how they operate, how you can align and integrate them and how you can maximize their synergic power. The aim is to arrive at wise actions and decisions based on creativity, compassion and courage.

The solutions that come out consciously from using your own resources and integrating and aligning your multiple brains are the best ones as they emerge from deep within YOU.

(*) Coaching (all kind) doesn’t replace any kind of medical and psychological consultation, diagnosis and treatment and in no way it constitutes or should be considered as such.



Degree in Economy and Business with full marks and honour at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan (Italy) I have a solid professional experience matured in over 15 years covering various top management positions (some of them with full legal responsibility) in different fields among which Human Resources, Finance, Administration, Controlling, Auditing, Strategic and Process Top Consultancy. My experience is matured both in Italy and at international level in Europe, The United States of America and China realizing also a continuous path of educational growth in the Executive Strategic Business and Human Resource areas.

My deep personal interest for “HUMANITY” as a complex and fascinating area of study, my personal and professional experiences, my varied competencies and backgrounds have allowed me to be focused on the role of the “PERSON” who operates in conflictual and / or problematic professional contexts searching a balance with himself/herself, with his/her private life and his/her work environment.    

Thanks to my deep convincement that “PERSON” has to assume a central role in each kind of professional context I have started my professional training as a COACH.

Nowadays I’m an ICF GLOBAL MEMBER, a Certified “Coach Sistem Evolution”, a Certified mBIT Coach and a Certified mBIT Coach Trainer.

I’m also specialized in personal development outside the work environment. I run as a unique Facilitator the “Evolve your World!” seminar where I teach how to apply the multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) for aligning and connecting the multiple brains and for facilitating the discovery of their deep intuitive wisdom.

I’m a blogger with

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